This module can be configured to record every key stroke issued to the host system (CS 2100, CS 1000, MG 1000, and Meridian) by service order or maintenance personnel utilizing the secure switch access process. Authorized security personnel may then perform security audits by retrieving the recorded commands by Date, Time, User or Command used. The security module also includes IP Intrusion and Detection, allowing Switch Expert to scan a range of IP addresses for open ports and known vulnerabilities. Scanning intervals are customer definable with optional Critical, Major or Minor alarms for newly found IP addresses, open IP ports and/or vulnerabilities.


IP Intrusion Detection and Notification


• Multiple Definable IP Ranges • Definable Base Line Scan • Definable Scan Intervals Hourly, Daily
• Definable Descriptions for IP and Open ports • Definable Scan Types • Integrated Scanning Comparisons
• Automated Alarm Notification on new Vulnerabilities
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