• Processor: Xeon Processor with 8 or more physical cores, 2.5 GHz or greater
  • Memory: 8GB Minimum - 16GB Recommended
  • Drives: 300GB RAID 1 Minimum - 500GB RAID 1+0 Recommended
  • One available PCIe slot (For Digi Serial Card)
  • Four USB ports (Security Key, AIU, Keyboard, Mouse)
  • Operating System:
    • Windows Server® 2008R2, Standard Edition (64-bit)
    • Windows Server® 2012R2, Standard Edition (64-bit)

 * It is very important to note the difference between Windows Server versions. Switch Expert Server ONLY supports the R2 versions of 2008 and 2012.



Most modern computers, acquired within the last 5 years should run Switch Expert Client without issues. The only exception is the Operating System. Switch Expert Client ONLY supports Windows 7 or newer. Use of any prior Operating System is not recommended and is unsupported.

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